Bulgarian knitwear factory Intertex
28 May 2024, Tuesday

Intertex 2000 Ltd.
Poruchik Nedelcho Bonchev str 3
1528 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel. 003592 97 90 501


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Delivery Conditions


The sales conditions hereafter concern deliveries of knitwear items by
Intertex 2000 Ltd.
Poruchik Nedelcho Bonchev str. 3
1528 Sofia
tel. 003592 9790501

noted hereafter as "supplier" to all parties noted hereafter as "customer".


1. Supplier makes samples according to customer requirements and suppliers production capabilities.
2. Cost of a sample includes development of the design, knitting and making up. Unless otherwise agreed, price of samples is 30.00 Euro per piece. Cost of yarn and freight are not included.
3. The customer pays for delivered samples.


4. Prices are in Euro, unless other is agreed between parties.
5. Prices are to be considered FCA (Free Carrier) according to INCO terms. Other conditions are possible after written agreement between the parties.
6. Price information based on samples and sketches is only preliminary.
7. Item price for an order can vary from initial price depending on ordered quantity, quality level requested by customer, quality control procedures, delivery time (low / high season), accessories, packing and other conditions.


8. The customer submits written orders in original, signed by an authorized person. Orders include following information:

  • quantity of ordered items;
  • quality requirements;
  • measurement tables;
  • assortments;
  • packing instructions;
  • labeling instructions;
  • prices;
  • payment conditions;
  • and any other information of relevance for the production of an order.

9. Orders are considered accepted by supplier only after written confirmation.


10. Supplier's obligation is to inform customer when goods are ready for shipment and advise number of cartons, size of cartons, gross and net weight.
11. It is responsibility of the customer to order and organise transport of the goods.


12. Payment of goods is made by bank transfer, either in advance, or not later than 10 days after receipt of goods. Exact details should be agreed upon by the parties in writing.
13. Only net payments are accepted. No deductions of any kind can be made without prior written agreement by both sides.
14. Payments are made in Euro.
15. All delivered goods remain ownership of the supplier till payment for them is made.


16. The Customer has the right to control quality and quantity of goods prior to shipment.
17. Supplier bears no liability for lost or damaged goods during transport.
18. The Customer has the obligation to check number of cartons delivered and when there is discrepancy with the documents issued by supplier, the Customer is obliged to write them clearly on the CMR protocol of the forwarder. The Customer also notes on the CMR possible damages of cartons.
19. Supplier bears no liability for defect goods unless the customer can produce an official document by an authorized control company, which has checked goods upon arrival at customer's premises. This control company should issue a document stating in detail all defects and discrepancies from order.
20. Supplier bears no liability for claims 15 days after delivery of goods to the customer. Date of delivery is the date of CMR Protocol.